LWB and the

Five Institute

We are collaborating with Five Institute to provide our clients with clarity about their strengths.  Their tools resonate with our E3.0 Model for Purpose-Centric business and their ethos is in harmony with our goal to help every professional make a Social Impact with their work!

  • Clarity on Strengths

    With the Vitality Test, you will find out your strengths and how to make the most of your natural abilities

  • Strategies for Success

    Some things come easy for us, others are more challenging; but the Vitality Test allows you to understand how to get the most results for your effort

  • Collaborate Effectively

    We say the 'golden rule' is to do unto others how they'd want to be done unto.  We aren't all the same - so understanding your energy and theirs will help you work with others in ways that are effective for you and them!

  • Make an Impact

    Five Institute tools harmonise with our mission of empowering you to make a Social Impact With Your Work